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2012 - 2016 Folkwang University of the Arts | Photography


I have been lucky enough to have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years. I have traveled the globe documenting amazing moments with weddings in locations such as Paris-French, Sicily-Italy, Santorini-Greece, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, Holland, Prague-CZ, all around Germany and more. A destination wedding is more than the location. It is about the atmosphere, the moments, the pre or post wedding parties with friends and families from all over the globe coming together to celebrate and create your memories. I see myself as a part of this documenting every laughter, tear and everything else in-between. I am a wedding, portrait, and travel photographer based in Essen-Germany, but I also would like to travel to anywhere around the world to record the happiness of your wedding.


2013 "Concrete in focus": Folkwang Gallery

2014 "Rundgang Fotografie": Auction house on the Schützenbahn

2015 "Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.)": SANAA building

2015 "Pop Up": Viehoferstr. 34-36

2016 "Folkwang Final Annual Exhibition": SANAA Building


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