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The Institute for Contemporary Dance (IZT) at Folkwang started work in winter semester 2011/12. At the institute, Folkwang dance education is bundled and further profiled. In addition, the Folkwang Dance Studio is organisationally and artistically integrated there and closely linked to the master's programs. The third pillar of the institute is the Folkwang Tanzarchiv in the IZT. The refurbishment of the holdings, the documentation of the current artistic work and the development of a media library for use in practice, research and teaching will in future also facilitate cooperation with the Pina Bausch Foundation. The management of the IZT lies with Prof. Malou Airaudo; at their side on the board Prof. Stephan Brinkmann and Prof. Ingo Meichsner.

"Folkwang dance" has been a particularly influential part of the Folkwang teaching program since its foundation in 1927 as a training course for contemporary dance and dance theater. "Folkwang dance" is a token that points the way to the understanding of modern dance. The goal of the dance education of the Folkwang University of the Arts is not to train dancers, but to dance people who grasp the basic principles of the movement and work it out individually for themselves.

Laban, Jooss, Leeder, Züllig, Cébron, Bausch have laid the foundation for a dance education that continues to unfold groundbreaking impulses into the national and international dance scene.

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